What My Second Year at University has Taught Me

Today is a historic day. The UK has just announced it will leave the EU, and now I sit, with uncertainty about the coming years, potential future jobs and freedom to move around. Despite being a strong believer for remain and extremely disappointed about today’s result, if University has taught me anything, it’s to not fear the new and instead …

Getting Ahead With Josh Collins

This week I talk to The Hits Radio Presenter Josh Collins. In the full version of this podcast we discuss his passion for radio, his time working for free in London, how to make it in the radio industry and what’s next for him and his career.

What’s next for adamianstewart.com?

1 year of blogging complete. It’s time to try something new…. Starting next Friday, instead of posting written blogs, I will be posting podcast interviews!! Don’t worry, all content will continue to be posted on this site, so no need to go anywhere!