Getting Ahead With Geoff Thomas

Getting Ahead With Geoff Thomas… Serial Entrepreneur, currently co-founder and finance director of UpriseVSI, Geoff Thomas is this week’s guest. In the full version of this week’s episode, we cover a bit of everything; his career, time at university and how they’ve changed, what he looks for when hiring, and how similar sport and business actually are.

Getting Ahead With Dan Knowles

Getting Ahead With Dan Knowles… Founder of Mega Social. In the full version of this weeks episode, we discuss Mega Social and the nature of social media in business. I also find out more about Dan’s experience leaving a 9-5 job to start his own company, and he shares his advice for anyone wishing to do the same!

Getting Ahead With Richard Milnes

Getting Ahead With Richard Milnes… Tech startup founder and project leader. This week I talk to Richard about his transition from a single man startup in his University room to an ever growing team where his tech skills are becoming redundant. Richard talks about his transition into a management role and how he has adapted his way or working and learning. …

Getting Ahead With Alex Somervell

Getting Ahead With Alex Somervell… Co-founder of One Third Stories and language whizz. In the full version of this week’s episode, we discuss the success of One Third Stories’ successful Kickstarter campaign and how they’re progressing. I also find out more about Alex’s passion for language and how it has helped him both personally and professionally. This week certainly is …

Getting Ahead With Callum Coles

Getting Ahead With Callum Coles… Managing Director of SoberDrive, University of Bath Computer Scientists, and the first teenaged guest on the show! Callum talks about his view of tech and business and the important overlap. He also shares his experience being a teenaged entrepreneur and how it has been beneficial being young. To round it off, Callum shares his tip …

Getting Ahead With Oli Monks

Getting Ahead With Oli Monks… Co-founder of BagSee, a charity man, TedX speaker, and all-round good guy! In this full version Oli gives an insight into the workings of BagSee and their future plans. He also shares his views on University and whether it is worth it. We also delve into Oli’s fundraising efforts with Nine for Nicky and his motivation …

Getting Ahead With Manit Sethi

Getting Ahead With Manit Sethi… Founder of Impact, a social enterprise that sells unique phone cases with proceeds going to a good cause. In this podcast we discuss Impact, his time at University and the support available in Manchester – including Manchester Entrepreneurs.

Getting Ahead With Josh Collins

This week I talk to The Hits Radio Presenter Josh Collins. In the full version of this podcast we discuss his passion for radio, his time working for free in London, how to make it in the radio industry and what’s next for him and his career.