I’m back at University for my final year of Undergraduate study…. and after a quick re-design, I’m back blogging!

I’ve returned to Lancaster for the start of term 2 and before I get back into the full swing of the new term I’ve come to my favourite coffee place – shout out to Pizzetta – and decided to think back to term 1. Here’s what I learnt.

1 – Crypto’s are crazy

I remember talking about Bitcoin in A-Level ICT! Our teacher had us reading articles about the currency and then discuss it’s potential for future use. It never crossed our minds to invest… I’d probably rather not think about it but if I’d invested £100 back then, today (well, maybe a week ago) I’d have had around £75,000!!!

I say “well, maybe a week ago” as if you follow the currencies you’ll see they’re starting to fall…. just a bit.

I have invested this year. I doubled a bit of money and left the game – good timing! It’s introduced me to the world of trading a bit more and it’s been a source of enjoyment for a lot of people here, debating whether to sell or to HODL. (Another shoutout to Manni for being my teacher, Yoda style).

Image result for yoda bitcoin

The ridiculous ups and downs are a bit worrying, however I’m glad I joined the game as now I’m learning about other forms of investing, so far with some good success and I can’t help but wish I’d looked into it earlier!

2 – I’m going to miss University Sport

I probably did already know this, but being away for a year and then returning back to University sport has made me appreciate it even more. The morale and spirit of a team of people in such similar situations is unique. You share common goals within the sport, but you also have the same academic aims, you’re going through the same process for jobs and so on.

It probably helps that we are having another successful year and therefore spirits are high. However, you can quickly make friends that you see outside of the sport too. The routine of training and matches is the perfect break from work and of course it keeps you active. I quickly realised whilst on placement that I’d need to put in effort to stay active, choosing to go to the gym or travel to club badminton. Whereas, at University, it’s somewhat built in, you do it all without thinking and with very little effort of travel and time commitment.

3 – “Close your eyes until you’re 29”

Don’t worry, there’s no right answer for where to go or what to do next. As long as it’s a positive move, it’s value will be what you make it.

That’s what I’ve been telling myself. I’ve had a dilemma and many conversations about what to do next. I’m really happy to say I have a  job secured that I can’t wait to start. However, it’s fair to say that I felt that this next decision had to be perfect, almost with no going back. That’s stupid, I’m young with plenty of time to either continue down this path, try new things or change my mind. What I do now may or may not be my future, but as long as it seems to be a good stepping stone for learning and enjoyment then it is one of many ‘correct choices’. Once again, I’ll let Gary Vee explain this one.