Last June I posted a blog about my first year at university and what it taught me. The post was very well received and so now I’m back for my second year, I thought I’d follow up – what advice would I give to a first year?

1 – Talk to everyone!

This is especially relevant in fresher’s week. This week is very unique, it is potentially the only time that you will be somewhere, where everyone is in the exact same boat – not knowing many people and wanting to meet lots of new people. Going up to random people and saying “Hi” is not only normal, but invited.

This is the perfect time to find the people you want to meet to help you have the best year possible, don’t waste that chance!

2 – Go for it!

The opportunities at University are endless. You will be bombarded by societies, clubs, programs, online services, taster sessions etc.

Some are a waste of time, some are completely irrelevant to you and some will be a definite ‘yes’ from you. It is the ones that are a ‘maybe’ that you need to go to!

If you are debating whether or not to apply for an exec position on a society, join a sports team or even try and start one – do it! Getting involved is the best thing you can do in your first year.

3 – Don’t worry!

Living away from home, not knowing anyone – it’s easy to be scared or worried when first going to University. Lots of people go into their shell and when everyone around them can see that, the atmosphere can go down.

Your first year is a year to have fun! Whilst the whole experience can be daunting, try and embrace it! And always remember there are people at University ready to help if it’s all getting to be a bit too much.

4 – Do something new!

For me, this was squash. I had only played a couple times before heading to University. I decided to try out for the squash team, somehow I managed to get a spot in the development squad (apparently badminton shots work it squash!), played every week and loved it!

Whether it’s a new sport, learning a new language or trying your hand at acting, University is the place to try! If you’re rubbish, who cares?

5 – Work as hard as you like!

It’s true, first year doesn’t count. But if you want to get a top grade, go for it! As long as you pass first year, I think you can work as much or as little as you want. Ultimately it is about achieving your personal goal, whatever that may be.