It is often said that if you want to progress, you need to step outside your comfort zone. This picture look familiar?

comfort zone

Often, this is true. You need to stretch yourself and face new challenges. But it doesn’t have to be to an extreme – risks can be fun!

Fun Risks

I define taking a fun risk as taking on a task or challenge that is exciting to you, however you may feel nervous or anxious about the possibility of it going wrong, even though in reality, the fear only exists in your head.

For example, for some people public speaking is a fun risk. In honesty they can’t do anything so badly that it shows them in a negative light, however they may feel an adrenaline rush.

A-level results

The reason I am writing this blog now is due to this week hosting A-level results day. This time, a year ago, I had just found out that I would be attending Lancaster. I found out LIVE ON THE RADIO!

As soon as the call started I was filled with nerves. What do I say if I fail?

In honesty, if I had failed it would have made no difference if I’d done it on the radio or not. I’d still tell people, I’d still have to look at other universities. The radio aspect didn’t amplify the risk in reality, only in my head, therefore it was also a safe risk!

The call was really fun and something unique to say I’ve done and it has built up my tolerance to risk taking.

Why take fun risks?

1 – They build up your tolerance to risk. Start out small and build up.

2 – They get you used to feeling the nerves and adrenaline and you may start to love it!

3 – If you fail, it doesn’t matter. These are safe risks, the fear only exists in your head and that is the fear you want to control.

4 – Something small can open up new opportunities. Take a fun risk to contact someone you admire and aspire to be like, they may help you!

5 – They’re fun!