How many times do you hear people say “I just can’t get in the routine!”?

They could be talking about going to bed early, going to the gym, eating healthy, you name it. We all desire the perfect routine that we believe will help us reach our goals, and we aren’t wrong to think it. Every Friday I post a blog, or at least I did for a year and a half. Suddenly I miss one week, then two, then three. The routine was broken, I’m probably the only one that cared, but to me, it hurt. Why should I care so much about missing a couple of blogs? Because it represented the power of routine to do something that I believed to be useful, without any immediate rewards. Your routines will mean the same to you, and you too probably get annoyed when you opt for the easy option.

Don’t beat yourself up

 I believe it is easiest to get back into a routine by pretending the pause didn’t happen, don’t think about it, don’t punish yourself for it. Instead, remember all the times you made it, remember the times your routine felt easy and go back to that time. Continue where you left off and don’t look back.