This Monday – November 14th – is the start of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2016, this year branded as Make It Happen Week in Lancaster.

After seeing myself in a promo video for this year (I had completely forgotten that I’d filmed this!) I felt I had to make a case to urge anyone in Lancaster with an interest in enterprise to get as involved as possible! I’ve been involved as a newbie to enterprise and once again as an event organiser and promoter, both times it has created some of the best experiences. There’s nothing quite like sitting in a room of ambitious, smart people bouncing ideas and thoughts off each other, with the adrenaline rush of reaching the end line for that event.

Whether you just want a taste of enterprise or you’re looking for a business partner, this week offers it all – lots of credit needs to go to the Enterprise Centre for once again putting on a great schedule of events. See them here.

I’ll end with the 2016 promo video…. a real flash back to Startup Weekend 2015 – do not miss 2016!