To some it is obvious, for some they know when tested, by others it is never considered. The true meaning of Christmas is fading (or changing). The tale of the birth of Jesus will one day not be known by many, however I believe even when or if it does fade away, Christmas will still be celebrated just with a different meaning.

Imagine trivial pursuit in the future, it may one day carry the question – ‘What was the original meaning of Christmas?’

Whether this is bad or not is personal opinion. I will say, however, that what I believe will become the meaning certainly isn’t a bad thing.

How do we learn?

The strength of religion in households is falling. Less and less families are attending church or any other place of worship, instead more and more are claiming to have no religious belief (source: telegraph). So naturally there will also be a decline in the number of parents teaching the story of Jesus to their children. If they are never taught, how can they ever know?

Thinking about my childhood, I remember schools playing a big part in the education of religion. We would have many Christmas services to remind us why we celebrated. Whether children really listened or cared is a different matter, what’s important for this discussion is that we were aware.

The education of religion around Christmas time is also said to be on the fall (source: Radio Times), if this continues, who will be left to educate children. Again, if they are never taught, how can they ever know?

The new, true meaning

If in the future the true meaning of Christmas is forgotten, why will people celebrate? Well I think we already know the answer to that… it is the reason the majority of people celebrate now.

To be with friends and family, to be thankful for all we have and to give something to others.

Christmas may turn into the holiday to celebrate family and friends. To all come together, share gifts, eat food and enjoy each other’s company. This is how we already act, and therefore it is in a position to become the reason in our minds for Christmas, if this reason becomes what is taught to children it could very well become the new, true meaning of Christmas.


Whether you are religious or not, celebrate the birth of Jesus or not, spending time with family and friends is always a good thing and it should be enjoyed and cherished.

And, on the note, I would like to wish everyone reading this a very happy Christmas!