Build up debt for a degree that doesn’t even guarantee you a job? Is University worth it? Are you better off going straight into work or an apprenticeship?

In my opinion, it’s hard to know if the degree alone is worth the money. However, University as a whole is worth every penny! Here are my three main reasons, aside from earning a degree, for why I believe University is the place to be.

1 – The People

When you start at University, you jump into a community of thousands of other people in a similar position as you. It’s no surprise people meet friends for life or even their future husband/wife.

For me, I’ve loved being able to meet like-minded people, who are working on similar things, with similar goals. This is one of the main reasons a number of business students still go to University, rather than start their own venture – they want the network.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of people who you meet and think ‘how did they get into University?’ and you won’t get on with everyone. However, it only takes a few new, good people to make it worthwhile.

2 – The Freedom

University is the place to try things! The risks of giving something a go and hating it or failing are low.

Want to try and start a business, give it a try. Want to learn a sport, turn up to practice. If you fail there are no (or very low) consequences, you don’t have a job you’re putting on the line, you don’t have a family you need to provide for, you don’t have a mortgage to pay.

You start as a student and if it all goes wrong, you carry on as a student. The freedom to try is unique and won’t last once ‘in the real world’.

3 – The Time

Despite what many students will tell you, the work load isn’t that big. Around exams or weeks full of deadlines it can become pretty intense, however most of the time you only go to a couple of lectures a day at most and maybe prepare some answers every now and then.

This leaves lots of free time for other things; sports, societies, socialising etc. It’s incredible how many different things you can have on the go at once. If you’re in a 9-5 job it will be really hard to hold up the same level of commitments!

Whilst I do enjoy my degree and I do learn lots from it, it isn’t the only reason for being at University, I’m here to take advantage of everything it has to offer!